Giordano Bruno do Nascimento (born in 1981) – German composer and conductor. He studied composition at the University of Music in Berlin, as well as in Basel (bachelor’s and master’s degree) under the supervision of prof. Michael Obst and prof. Johannes Kreidler. Do Nascimento has composed and conducted his operas: Die schönere Wahrheit (libretto: Lisa A. Mayer), “Global Players” (libretto: Lisa A. Mayer) and “Die Wahrheitsschwestern” (libretto by Amanda Lasker-Berlin). He has won several awards and scholarships, such as the DAAD Preis, Graduiertenstipendium of the state of Thuringia (twice), the award of the Klänge Hinter Mauern Kammerakademie Potsdam competition, the Harmonia Classica competition in Vienna, the first prize in the Sondershäuser competition and was one of the finalists of the International Competition Valentino Bucchi in Rome.


Art is a chronic self-reflection of society. Where historical documents cease to speak, art begins to express. As an artist, according to the current terminological social context, I identify three main points of self-reflection: philosophy, science and art. In my works, at least two of these three main points are related. Personally, it is indispensable for me as an artist to consciously carry out the process of social self-evaluation. Since each phrase requires a language to carry out its reflection, I have chosen a subtle illusionism of perception along with the colors of the sound for my present artistic speech.

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