Kinga Bartniak (born in Wrocław) – an artist-researcher, a graduate of graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, she also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius. In 2019, she began her doctorate on space between work and leisure. She participated in an intermedia residence in Germany and a project in Italy. Operating at the border of three countries (Poland, Lithuania and Germany), she looks for neutral, gradient spaces that encourage open communication. Kinga uses a variety of media, but mainly video and creates objects. She collaborated with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Symposium 70/20, Pracownia Otwarta in Wrocław and Galeria JEST.


As part of my doctorate, I develop the topic of heterotopy between work and leisure – I explore the unnamed world and generate rules for it. I blur the dichotomies and create spaces and objects that exist “in between”. I focus on the process, develop it and document it with mind maps. I rely on economy (usually social) and biology, thanks to which the worlds I create appear to be real – often cynical. I don’t identify with any particular medium, although I usually choose videos, objects or design forms. They are platforms for interaction for me, so I often learn new techniques (e.g. programming or weaving) for a given project.

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