Anna Bujak


Anna Bujak (born in 1979 in Opatów, Poland) has graduated from the the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture of the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław (2011). In 2017, she received a PhD in the discipline of Fine Arts with a dissertation entitled Metaphors of Shadow. In her practice as an artist, she often refers to the human-culture zone, drawing inspiration from literature, reality and ways of overcoming traumatic situations.


For me, sculpture is a medium through which I communicate ideas. What interests me is the human condition in the world of new technologies, where everything has its substitute, as well as man’s relationships with anthropocentric nature, our longing for the lost world, traumatic bifurcations of memory. In my artistic practice, I strive for basic forms, rejecting all that is not indispensable. The titles of my works play an important role. My aim is to abstract a perfect form, capable of transmitting a message directly.

_Project description


The NEutopia project focuses on the political aspects of the climate emergency. During the residency, the artist will create an installation consisting of three interrelated objects.

The first element is the design of a neon/light inscription of the word “Utopia,” which will have a distorted reflection in the word “Utøya.” The artist intends to achieve this effect by modifying the reflection as necessary or transforming the full-size object-inscription that will constitute the reflection. Importantly, the issue raised in this work concerns not only radical “right-wing” attitudes.

The artist will examine the crisis of openness and charity on the one hand, and on the other hand – excessive tolerance of dangerous phenomena. In this context, she will pose some important questions, e.g. Doesn’t excessive tolerance and belief in democracy deprive us of vigilance, making us believe that good must develop linearly?

The idea for ​​the other two elements (connected with the problem of the climate emergency and overproduction/excess and shortage) will be developed during the residency. The artist will also look for threads representing an optimistic vision of the Old Continent.