Neo Christopher Chung


Neo Christopher Chung (b. 1985, Changwon, South Korea) – a media artist and computational scientist, exploring emergent aesthetics of systems.  Born in South Korea, he migrated to USA in 2000. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering and visual studies at Duke University and a Ph.D. in computational biology at Princeton University. In North Carolina and New Jersey, he had exhibited a number of experimental films and cinematic experiences, exploring interactivity and generativity. He finished a master’s degree in interdisciplinary arts at Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. His projects focused on scientific, economic and globalization processes have been presented at – among others – during the  Ars Electronica, Art Future / Future Signs, Survival Art Review.


Neo Christopher Chung crosses disciplines with an interest in data, machine culture, and social challenges. An artist and scientific researcher living and working between Wrocław and Warsaw in Poland, Chung’s work explores  the ways in which media and algorithms interact with our world. Since 2019, he has been developing conceptual  and practical works reflecting the interaction between human and artificial intelligence (AI). Beyond imagining AI fueled dystopia, art-science collaboration is required to critically engage with a new generation of cybernetics.


New media have long been pushing at the boundaries of what art is, but remote work and virtual life accelerated by the pandemic impose new forms of collaboration and community. In particular, I explore how we can better understand computational creativity and create an organic collaboration between  media artists and AI in real time. My residency will develop a human-AI interaction system, based on which we may create audio-visual improvisation. With fellow residents and artists in Poland and Germany, I am interested in prototyping and imagining new forms of performances.