Yiy Zhang


Yiy (Xiaoyue) Zhang (b.1990 Shaanxi, China) – she graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing with Bachelor degree (2013) and then studied at Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris (France), Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munich (Germany), and graduated from Düsseldorf Kunstakadmie (Germany) with Meisterschülerin (Prof. Gregor Schneider) in 2019. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Yiy Zhang’s works demonstrate profound humanistic concerns with a calm and dignified gesture, and her reflections on the current era and history. Her recent project includes: “ID SUPERMARKET” (2020, k21 Museum, Düsseldorf, Germany), “Dhaka Live Art Biennale” (2019, Dhaka, Bangladesh), “Ithaka” (2018, Montepulciano, Italia), ”The shell” (2018, Bilpin, Australia), ”Kultur Nacht” (2018, Monchengladbach, Germany).


Yiy Zhang defines herself as an artistically acting person, but not necessarily as an Artist. Her special transmedia approach, whose artistic products make it difficult for the viewer to assign her work to a clearly defined genre, is formed out of this attitude Nonetheless, you can recognize the consistent implementation of her concepts potentiated by her strong aesthetic awareness, which made Zhang’s work authentic and at the same time visually worth experiencing.



Sound installation

I have been devoted to researching installation works that can reflect social life and human beings. Transform with elements such as water, fire, plants, air, sound, etc., to give a certain meaning to the surrounding space. 

2020 is a very unusual year.

One day when I watched the overwhelming hospital rescue videos and the rising death toll , the enlarged and aggravated breathing in the ventilator made me peaceful for a moment. I asked myself, isn’t this the song of mankind’s counterattack against fate? I heard that when people are on the verge of death, they seem to be walking through a long tunnel, looking back in time with breathing echoes. In the work “Untitled”, I collected the breathing sounds of patients in the ventilator and placed the speakers in the long and narrow corridor. 

I do not know where at the end of the tunnel, whether there is love and peace.